potter-soundtrack.jpgScore Composed by Nicholas Hooper
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Even though the fifth film has been out for a month and the last book been has been on the shelves for a few weeks, people everywhere are still deeply entrenched in the world of Harry Potter. Perhaps prolonging the ending of the 10-year story, or otherwise just waiting to sit down with the newest offerings when they can dedicate the time. You even have to be delicate when talking about the plot of book 7 on city sidewalks for fear of spoiling it for a nearby Muggle. For the newest film, director David Yates brought in Nicholas Hooper to compose is haunting trance of a score. With a long background in British television, Hooper has only a couple of features under his belt, but clearly leapt into his work here as if he were a seasoned pro. Good news indeed, considering that he is already attached to score Yates’ telling of “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” next year. It is a very dark time in both books, and he has managed to incorporate the danger with the magical whimsy from John Williams’ “Hedwig’s Theme” that we first heard in the first film, and is now the musical signature of the series. One of the tracks that are particular to this story and this composer is actually the first, “Fireworks,” which jump-starts the disc with more of a teen rock element than been heard thus far in the scores. And, of course, there are plenty of chases and narrow escapes to tracks like “Death of Sirius” and “Flight of the Order of the Phoenix,” many of which are infused with a slight hint at military tattoo. Hooper may appear green on the page, but he gets it, he conveys it, and it is a triumphant accompaniment to this dark chapter in a remarkable tale.