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I¹ve chewed my fingernails to nothing. Does that say anything? I nearly had to smack the guy sitting to my left because he couldn’t stop his leg from jitterring and tapping the floor. These are things that happen when real suspense is thrown into a movie. In short, Jason Bourne delivers the goods in “The Bourne Ultimatum.” The movie follows the story line of the first two films and gives everything we’ve been waiting for. Once again government officials and CIA operatives just can’t leave Bourne alone and we’re thrust into this intelligent cat and mouse game as he continues to regain his memories and take control of his life. All I could do was hang on while Matt Damon kicked ass from Madrid to Morocco and everywhere in between on motorcycles, in cars and on foot, to end up in New York City. I’m very happy to say that the Bourne Ultimatum is well worth heading to the theater and coughing up your cash to grab a seat. I left with nothing but a huge grin from ear to ear wondering if this is actually the end.