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Frank Miller-philes across the world went gaga when the first images of this film came out. You cannot argue with the production design. It is lush and saturated, and consequently completely unreal, but totally gorgeous nonetheless. When adapting a graphic novel, this is really how it should be done. Realism can suck it, that’s what I say. So when I hunkered down to take in the film, I was anticipating a cinematic miracle (general rule of thumb with anything: lower the bar, it makes everything seem better). Gerard Butler and Dominic West have really tapped into the grrrr factor, bringing it against Persia’s King Xerxes (played by Rodrigo Santoro, Laura Linney’s BF from “Love, Actually”) who is trying to conquer all the Hellenic hot spots. While the story is very engaging, even if it doesn’t end well for those poor fighters, it continuously dips into these meditative lulls that warrant the attention of the die-hard fans who want to see every crevice of these characters. While a $450 million worldwide box office (according to IMDBPro) would beg to differ, I did not find this to be as engaging as the rest of the planet. I still, however, highly recommend seeing it at least once (even if it’s on in the background while you do your homework or your nails). The visual effects and artistry are astounding and the score is just exquisite. Those are the best reasons to see it, unless you’re a huge comic book nerd / history buff who can really appreciate the methodic parceling out of the plot