vincelombardi.jpgAccording to VARIETY, the NFL is gearing up to produce the film, “Lombardi.”  A biopic about Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lombardi, the picture will be made with Andrew Hauptman’s Andell Entertainment (“Lions for Lambs”) and Chris Olsen.  Apparently it has yet to be decided whether the football boys will be putting up their own cash to finance the project, but I mean can you imagine?  I would love to be a fly on the wall when plans for some fancy new stadium get nixed so they can pay overtime to teamsters and hair and make-up on set of their first movie.

Since I’m not a big follower of American football, I can’t really grasp the level of importance the film will have.  I do know that he has a trophy named after him.  Oh, and a rest stop in New Jersey, so there’s that.