cake.jpgWho woulda thunk it? The singer/songwriter posted birthday blog to his sound engineer yesterday on his site,

Happy Birthday, Chad.
You are my sound engineer
and together we share a house.
You keep me warm on those cold nights
by making sure the thermostat is functioning properly.
And if it’s not, then we lovingly embrace
the fact that it will be cold
and pile on extra blankets
in our respective beds
that are located next to one another
at our local Serta mattress dealer.

I long to feel your caring touch
on the production of the next CD
And look forward to showering again with you soon.
Your sister looks lovely with that pregnant glow, and I hope the gift will go to good use.

Mixing sound for my show is cake.

I’ll share a fact about Chad.
Chad reads every word of a software user agreement, and usually seeks legal counsel before (if ever) agreeing to the terms of service. So far he has spent over eighteen thousand dollars in attorney fees and has yet to install FireFox.

Happy Birthday, my friend.