repoman.jpgNothing like gettin’ sloppy on a Tuesday night. Mandy and I followed our afternoon at the gym with (what else) cocktails. Our adventures began with dinner at City Crab, followed by an excursion to McCarren Park in Williamsburg to watch Emilio Estevez in “Repo Man.” There’s a dried out pool in the park where the concession stand features beer, veggie dogs and mac & cheese. Brilliant, right? The pavement is not so kind on one’s bottom, but it’s really all about the scene. Hipsters and gay boys simply meld into an ambisexual polyblend, and it’s anyone’s guess. The movie is brilliant and inspired us to drink more, so we mosey-ed on over to Union Pool, where there are no billiards or, ya know, a pool and partied like it was circa “Heathers.” Moral of the story: wine, skateboarders and members of the Sheen family are as cool now as they were when we were growing up. Partake in ample quantities.

Next week in the pool: “Three Kings.” Oooooooooh…….