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With the release of The Simpsons Movie, McFarlane Toys has been tapped to take over the toy franchise from long-time handlers Playmates. Playmates’ World of Springfield line was largely fantastic and even included a talking function when you placed the figures onto different playset bases. Nevertheless, I was excited to see what McFarlane would do with the property, and while I can’t say the results are flawless…I’ll probably wind up buying all of them. Anyone who loves The Simpsons knows about the ever-changing “couch gag” in the intro to the show where all the members of the titular family rush towards the couch to begin their nightly TV-watching regimen and wind up in compromising/surreal/hilarious positions. With this McFarlane set, on the plus side, we get amazing renditions of the characters and the couch (perfectly scaled and nicely painted) and neat-o magnetic points that allow you to stack America’s favorite yellow family in any way you choose. What’s missing, sadly is the TV itself, and I found myself wishing for more pegs on the base to further diversify the possible character arrangements. Regardless, it’s a nice piece for a shelf or to play around with out of the box if you’re so inclined. And if you dislike Lisa as much as I do, it’s very easy to connect Santa’s Little Helper to her face in embarrassing ways. Behold the power of magnets and a mind in the gutter!