Premieres Thursday, 26 July at 10:30pm
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I like the sentiment, I must admit that.  VH1’s new scripted ensemble comedy aims to be its own incarnation of “Mad TV,” while channeling the likes of several other shows that bemoan the quite terrors of the modern cubicle culture.  The dry remarks from its writers (Brice Beckham and David Fickas) like “Dreams don’t come true” and “I’m not special in any way” are obvious choices, but funny nonetheless.  In a sometimes absurdist, sometimes realistic setting, we see stock characters straddling either side of the 30-year line.  Each one has their own beef, which ultimately goes back to how others physically perceive them and why they’re sad about it.  And there is a great deal of comedy here; in particular when the writers have these guys break out into song.  Unfortunately, there’s not much after each joke lands. Unlike shows we go back to over and over again that addressed similar conundrums (“The Office” or even the late Showtime series “Dead Like Me”), there isn’t much of a through line for this series.  It almost wants to be a sketch comedy show, but it’s not really committing to that one way or the other.  These guys are funny, but with a spot on a channel designed for the ADD Generation, we may not stick around for longer than a commercial break unless we get more of a reason to see what comes next.