the-cast-of-williamsburg-the-musical-in-the-nyfringe-festival-photo-by-jonathan-grey-6.JPGNext month, the 11th Annual International Fringe Festival will take over a ton of dingy theatre spaces to show over 200 plays, musicals and the like in the sultry heat with little to no air conditioning.  A few of the needles in the haystack have already started drumming up that “ohmygod-I-can’t-wait” buzz.  Among them is “Williamsburg! The Musical,” a brand spanking new pop/rock parody with apropo characters like a suicidal trust fund baby, a disenchanted Chasidic Jew, and of course, Hipsters.  Lots of Hipsters.  The writers even threw  a song in there called ‘Craigslist Hookup’ about that precious Missed Connections page. There will be a lot of crap at the fest, but we’re thinking this one is gonna be one of the hotties. Check out