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The music of Clint Mansell is quite amazing. He’s the guy who did the score to “Requiem for a Dream.” His track, ‘Lux Aeterna’ can make a JoyHog podcast look like a Ridley Scott epic. It’s really kind of amazing. This track (or a variation thereof) is what you will hear in the gripping trailer for “Sunshine.” The film, from director Danny Boyle (“Trainspotting,” “28 Days Later”), has been dribbled out by the publicity kids at Fox Searchlight like it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. Teasers, clips, exclusive peeks, whatever. When the film was finally unveiled to critics a few weeks back (followed by a Q &A with Boyle and an open bar, of course), it was with a caveat. We were asked not to discuss the turn of the plot in the final act. Too bad, really, because there is quite the conversation piece in those final scenes. What I can tell you about this film is that we see the future. It is a world where the sun is a machine that needs a recharge. Of course, in space, there are no such things as small repairs (rent “Event Horizon”). A group of specialists – in some cases, very hot specialists – are onboard to rejuice it so that the earth can get all those lovely nutrients back in its system. Act I introduces us to the science of it all and it’s slow going. We learn about Icarus I, the first model of the faux sun that didn’t quite pan out. Then, in Act II, the mischief begins. Tempers flare, great feats of physics are attempted, and the blood begins to boil. I don’t want to get into it because you should really see it for yourself. We have a science lesson, followed by an action movie, followed by an existential dilemma of man and morality. At times it feels like three different movies, but amazingly enough it all coalesces into one magnificent film that is fueled by fear, adrenaline and an all-too-real dose of reality. “Sunshine” proves that science is king, but when humans see themselves as gods, everything around you can ignite in an instant.