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“The Astronaut Farmer” slipped through the cracks with it’s release in theatres, but hopefully audiences will get a chance for this feel-good movie on DVD. This film is one of those don’t-let-life-beat-you-down and conquer your dreams stories that leaves a soft, fuzzy feeling inside. Charles Farmer (Billy Bob Thornton) a NASA astronaut living in Texas with his wife Audrey (Virginia Madsen) is trying to still live his dream of going into space by building his own space shuttle. He had been forced into an early retirement to save his family farm but has been building this shuttle in his own backyard. Charles is looked down on by the community and has rammed his families finances into the ground, but the support and love of his family keeps him going. The community catches drift of what Charles is planning and the FBI takes a active interest to stop him from trying to launch into space. He is badly hurt in the first attempt and becomes depressed and distant with his family, since they want him to just forget about this dream. In the end, family and the support launch him into a bigger and better life than anyone had ever imagined. This film was a pleasant surprise and could be watched and enjoyed by the entire family. It also leaves a good moral to follow your dreams and be all that you are capable of becoming.