billandted460.jpgAccording to the LA Times, a deliberately straight-to-video remake of “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” is in the production pipeline after Keanu “Whoa” Reeves’ manager thought better of a planned sequel featuring the two original dudes in their 40’s. I’d like to pitch an idea to writers Suzanne Francis and Gabe Grifoni. Before you write an atrocious remake, consider this plot: It’s a Wyld Stallyns reunion tour in 2008. They get wind that somewhere in Los Angeles there are two stooges writing a movie about their lives. Rather than try to do their adventures and journeys justice, these people are actually planning to make a subpar movie only to be released on DVD, a format which Bill and Ted know is only going to be around until 2011 (the year of the Great War). They also know that said movie is going to sully their image beyond repair, so with the help of Rufus, the pair go back through time to sabotage the conceptions of all parties involved with the project. They high five and rock out. Credits.