Apparently JJ Abrams fans have been dissecting the “Cloverland” teaser for the last 24 hour’s trying to find clues about the film. So far as to analyzing t-shirt graphics for characters that have 3 seconds of screen time. The guys over at slashfilms have made quite the discovery…

As we’ve previously told you, one of Cloverfield’s on location production titles was Slusho. Hardcore fans of Abrams’ Alias may remember as the Slurpee-type beverage that Vaughn offers to Sydney in the second episode of the series. The website seems to be for the Slurpee-type beverage.

The website was registered a week before the worldwide release of the Cloverfield movie trailer. So unless the website was registered by someone who was on the cast or in the production, this site is 100% part of the viral campaign.

I give it two days before “slusho” t-shirts are offered online by some basement dwelling pimple popper and about a week before I start seeing the kids “in-the-know” wearing them on the L-Train (Brooklyn Bound).