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First off let me say, I don’t like children at the movies. Whenever I see a movie that falls below the PG-13 rating, they unavoidably flood the movie theater like cockroaches when the lights are off. Usually they are loud, obnoxious, smelly, and (for some reason) love sitting next to me. That being said, the children at the “Ratatouille” screening were so mesmerized by the talking rats, French people, and Pixar’s beautiful animation, that they did not make a peep during the whole show (except for their childish laugh, and that was annoying). And I must say, I was equally captivated by the film. Somehow Pixar can even make rats in a kitchen look cute, which seems to be no easy feat. Remy, the rat with the amazing pallet, learns from the cookbook “Anyone Can Cook” by Gusteau, once the most famous chef in all of France. True to Disney fashion, once his family and colony are forced from their home, Remy is separated from the bunch and ends up in the heart of Paris. The rest I’m sure you can decipher from the trailer. “Ratatouille” brings Pixar back with a punch. Beautifully stylized, the film captures the same magic that audiences felt during the golden age of “Finding Nemo.” If you can stomach hundreds of rats scampering around a French kitchen as well as hundreds of children surrounding you with M&M bags, “Ratatouille” may indeed be the movie of the summer.