Series Premiere: Thursday, 28 June @ 10pm ET/PT

As “American Idol” gets going on its next season of auditions, Paula Abdul has hit the tube again with her very own reality series. Like the farcical world of “Fat Actress,” we follow her and her assistant, stylist and hair dude through the crazy days of Paula-world. In the first episode, we watch her look for the perfect Grammy dress so as not to be snubbed yet again by the Rivers ladies and end up on another worst-dressed list. Her entourage of small, yippie dogs nibble on her borrowed jewels and she’s off to the show. After a quick stumble on the sidewalk trying to find her limo at the end of the night, she tenderly snaps at her assistants for not packing her sweatpants for the flight to Philadelphia, where she’ll be hawking her wares on QVC. There’s nothing quite like watching her rifle through her bags on the ground at curbside check-in. These reality shows have become so hum-drum that it’s hard to tell them apart, except for the star that we follow to the most intimate and uninteresting of places. Whether she’s doing the show to clear her name of snarky remarks from the Rosie’s of the world, or for her own pure satisfaction, we may never know. For now, it will provide a few chuckles to die-hard Paula fans and create a small splash for Bravo. At the end of the day though, this is not the kind of fare that makes your mouth water for more. More likely, you’ll see the poster and think: “That’s nice. Good for her. I won’t watch it, but good for her.”