There’s nothing quite like hopping on the treadmill with promise of a new day only to see Paris Hilton’s face all over CNN. Before I had been properly caffeinated, there she was. It was footage of her jauntily exiting the stage door of prison to greet fans behind barricades and run into her mother’s arms (or at least half-hug her since Kathy Hilton had only rolled the window of the SUV down halfway). It was almost as if Paris was saying “thank you for coming.” And the question remains, WHY did they come? Who are these lowlifes that are waiting for a glimpse of this girl who (literally) has no career. Did they lose a dare? Is it a bet? Are they on ecstasy? And then on the scrolling text down by the CNN logo, there was a quote from her mother about how Paris will be thrilled to no longer have to wear orange; she doesn’t like that colour anymore. Sheesh. You know that we will now be bombarded with her all over again (starting with Larry King tonight) and that every gal that worked in the prison just got a book deal for getting some inside dish on a celebrity that we have no reason to celebrate.