jones-new.jpgStraight from the set of “Secondhand Lions”, I mean, um, the new “Indiana Jones” flick comes this candid still of Harrison “Indy” Ford looking about ready for a little disco nap. Still, seeing him back in that get-up puts a little smile on my face, if not on his, but you can’t fault him for being a little worn out. The dude’s been chased by every group of natives under the sun, possessed by evil spirits, shot at by Nazis, and haunted by ophidiophobia. That was all before breakfast, then he drank from the Holy Grail and survived the opening of the Ark of the f#!king Covenant. As Short Round once exclaimed, “Okey dokey, Dr. Jones. Hold on to your potatoes!” Is Harrison Ford too old to crack the whip? Time will tell. But if he indeed manages to hold onto his potatoes, it should be a pretty fun time at the movies.