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I’m gonna lie to you. I thought I could just throw this one in the DVD player, and let it roll while I had some lunch, played on the BlackBerry and thumbed through the pages of the latest EW. You see, I kinda remember reading the book as a tiny lad, but the exact details were pretty murky. The basic story is this: poor 7th grade farm kid has no friends, but shows some promise as an artist. He gets picked on at school because everyone there is a total douchebag and he’s a total doormat. When the cute blond girl moves in next door, they start to run off into the woods together, and let their imagination take over, creating the magical world of Terabithia. The wonderful thing about this story is that there is no gimmick. There is no wardrobe to walk through or ring to slip on your finger. The creatures and landscape of Terabithia are all infused by these two kids and all that they fear and love. One thing I had forgotten about the story was the ending, which caused me to go “WHHHHAAAAAAAT!” I was so engrossed by this film and the gentle care with which it was told, that I never even found time to get up to grab more Doritos. It’s not a dumb kids movie, even though it looks like that at first glance. And the magical bells and whistles care of WETA are not the main attraction here. They just sing back-up to this marvelous story about the endless power of imagination.