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Deep lyrics with a sweet, trippy, melodical tone is the description that comes to mind when listening to the new LP, “Waking the Mystics” by the band Sophie Lux. There sound is kinda pop, kinda punk, kinda surreal, kinda Emo, kinda Goth, kinda chill …kinda ages ago meets modern acoustics…kinda cool if you ask me. It’s like nothing I have heard before…and I find it intriguing…you will too – trust me. I think it was the lyrics that got me after I got the “feel” of the music. The lyrics are emotionally deep and profound with an angelic air-like quality in the vocals. Some have said she sounds like “Jewel”…ummm…I totally disagree…I wouldn’t even compare this band with anyone as of late. Sophie Lux has embarked on something new and modern with an older melodic feel. I know that sounds a bit contradictory…but its unexplainable…these songs tell a story with no problem…you decide…check it out.

Top Song Picks – “Target Market”, “Electra 33” and the instrumental “Stella”.