foodstar.jpgFood Network
Premieres on Sunday, 3 June @ 9pm ET/PT

It has probably been made abundantly clear by this point that the Food Network is my favorite channel. Sadly though, I missed their first two seasons of “The Next Food Network Star.” During a marathon, I did get addicted to season two of “Top Chef,” though, so I get the gist. This new season on Food Network, seeks the next talent to join the roster that includes Giada, Ina, Bobby, Dave, Michael and more. Bobby Flay actually plays host in the first episode, causing these aspiring food artisans to go week at the knees like they just saw Madonna. Passion is a beautiful thing. The participants come from very different backgrounds, both personal and culinary, and move into the hip dorm here in New York to get started. Their biggest challenge is to cater a wedding to a very trusting couple. They have only a few hours to plan, cook, present and serve, and are split into two teams to do so. There is a very clear winner here as frugal shopping makes one side run out of food (a cardinal sin for any Italians present). Ones to watch this season include Colombe Jacobsen, Paul McCullough and Adrien Sharp. Sure, they also happen to be the prettiest out of the lot, but this is TV after all. The show doesn’t really stand up against its rival over on Bravo with those nice NBC Universal budgets to up the production value, but it does introduce us to the talent pool that holds the name of someone we’ll all be DVR-ing very soon. And that’s worth paying at least some attention to.