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Last week, I found myself at a grungy little bar in far west SoHo where it was all…pretty gay. It was the launch party for a new label called Music with a Twist, a brand that features gay and lesbian artists. They are calling themselves “the first major ‘gay’ label” out there, and the lineup that they have on board is pretty fantastic. The first track on this album belongs to The Gossip (“Standing in the Way of Control”), which gets the compilation off to a rock-infused start. There are lots of remarkable and emerging artists on the disc, but like many pastries, the best stuff is in the middle. Beginning with track 3, which is Ivri Lider’s “Jesse,” we feel the soothing sounds of melancholy pop, and a rare English track from Lider, whose work is often found in Eytan Fox films, including “The Bubble” just recently at the Tribeca Film Festival. Immediately after, is the spunky, synthesized styling of Jonathan Mendelsohn with “Forgiveness.” It’s a song that will get stuck in your head for days, and very possibly make you dance by yourself while waiting for the M23 Bus. Then comes Kristen Price’s “Magic Tree,” which brings drums and bass back into the mix so we can rock/pop out for the rest of the album. It’s really a great party disc (or perhaps, if you are one of those kids that invites pals over for “pregame” – scrunchies and jello shots and all that). I encourage you to at least scroll through the selections on iTunes. I’m sure you’ll find something that tickles your taste buds.