I really love the Summer Blockbuster season. The plethora of billboards, commercials, and potato chip cross-promotions just sends a tingle up my spine. This season promises to be a big one, delivering conclusions to three trilogies, a fourth “Die Hard,” and Michael Bay’s “Transformers.” And, of course, a film that was inspired from a Japanese toyline cannot disappoint for those of us ages 5 and up. Starting June 2nd, kids across America will be able to grasp their little hands around Hasbro’s new, and very impressive, Transformers line based on the film. The star of course being Optimus Prime, the Mac truck / leader of the defense against global domination. Prime stands an impressive 12″ looking very mechanical and complex, and all those qualities that make you just have to buy it to see how it works. With a not-so-quick 12-step transformation process, Prime converts into “vehicle” mode showing off its painted flame job and nude girl mud flaps. You will find yourself wasting valuable primetime TV hours trying to get this thing to transform back and forth. But isn’t that the fun of it?