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No, no, seriously! Who the %$&@ is Kyle XY, and why are there all these billboards of him with no belly button every time I turn around? After polishing off season 3 of “The 4400,” I continued on the creepy outer limits train and watched the pilot episode of “Kyle XY” to see what all the fuss was all about. ABC Family…hmmm…whose family are they thinking of? It’s definitely real. Well, there’s Kyle, who wakes up in “a pool of mooshy goo”* and may very well be an alien. He gets temporarily adopted (at least for this 10-episode season) by a nice family in the Seattle ‘burbs. Okay, so that part is maybe not so real. But the family life in the house is pretty spot-on. The high school kids have their own dramas going down when Kyle rolls in. The daughter wakes up with a half-naked boy in her bed, surely after some kind of badonkadonk-age. Her younger brother comes home with dirty mags and promptly runs into the WC to drop his trousers and…well, gets interrupted. ABC Family? Okay, then. Tell it like it is. Amen. And when Kyle shows up, he does have some “Heroes”-like moves and a backstory that is tenderly peeled back, one layer/episode at a time. I got sucked in. I’m not gonna lie. I watched the whole 10 episode set in one sitting. When does season 2 start? I can’t explain it. Just watch it already!

*borrowed lovingly from “Adventures in Babysitting”