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When “Déjà vu” started running TV spots for its theatrical release, I was thoroughly annoyed. That commercial kept coming up again and again, playing its first few seconds out twice to bring home the meaning of the title. One more than one occasion, I’m sure I said: “I have no desire.” So when the DVD rolled in, I let it sit in the pile of good intentions for a good couple of weeks. Then, the other night I peeled off the shrink up, sighed heavily (as I am known to do), and popped it into the player. From the trailers I had gathered that it had something to do with Denzel Washington playing a cop who uses some new technology to look back in time and solve various crimes and misdemeanors. This particular case, involves a ferryboat blowing to bits in the city of New Orleans, where the whole thing was filmed (and you know they got a nice tax credit for that). I forgot until I was watching this, just how much I like Denzel Washington. I didn’t see him in that show on Broadway, and I don’t run out to catch him at the multiplex, but he is just incredibly…likable. He walks through his films with this great sense of honor, determination, charm and stick-to-it-iveness. Then there’s a girl that plays into the scenario and a few sidekick characters that (thankfully) are not overwritten. Like any story that goes back in time, I found myself sort of counting on my fingers to keep track of where the characters actually are, because, well, there’s some math involved. The good news though, is that “Déjà vu” is actually pretty riveting. It’s got a great score and the story isn’t recycled and it stars Denzel. It’s kind of like the perfect summer rental.