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After hearing Mandy go on an on and on about how much she loved “The Fountain,” I decided I would take a look at the newly released DVD and decide for myself. I must say, it is both gorgeous and confusing, both mesmerizing and discombobulating. The tree of life is the centerpiece for a love story between our leads (Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz) that spans the ages, and at least three major shifts in time period and costume choices. The back and forth – jumping between the three settings – is a lot to consume, especially since the exposition of each is pretty non-linear. And I like a messed up movie, now. The challenge in sorting it out for myself is one that I cherish. With this picture, however, I was more entranced by the simple beauty of the story. Love conquers all, basically. And it also lifts us up where we belong. Sometimes that means the middle of the galaxy where there’s a really cool tree that needs a little TLC and some Miracle-Gro. I am a big fan of all parties involved in the making of this film, and I must say it’s definitely worth seeing, if only once. All those lofty concepts of the power of love and time travel can be a mite exhausting. Might I suggest a dry white wine and a cheese board to accompany your viewing? It’ll make it go down easier, and for a moment, you might even feign understanding of its delicate little nuances.