millions.jpgBy Sean Thomas
Da Capo Press
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Having just finished reading a Jonathan Ames book before this, I think some of the shocking honesty of Sean Thomas’s UK smash “Millions of Women Are Waiting to Meet You” was lost on me. I can say, however, that I can imagine a great many people (women especially) being a little taken aback by some of the things Thomas lets slip. It’s an often funny, often tragic, and yes, brutally frank account of the search for true love in cyberspace. Ladies, if you really want to know what most guys are thinking, put down the Cosmo for Teens and give this a read. We’re not all this bad, but hey… Anyway, I read it in one night, which is something of a feat, so either it’s what they call a “page turner” or I have severe insomnia. Most likely, both are true, so I recommend picking up this book (for you) and some Tylenol PM (for me). One note for my fellow fellows…it strikes me that if actual women see you reading a book called “Millions of Women Are Waiting to Meet You”, you’re probably going to reduce the waiting list severely. Keep it to yourself.