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In shops Tuesday, 8 May 2007

It’s one of the juiciest shows on television and nobody talks about it. They must certainly watch “The 4400,” though since USA has picked it up for a fourth season, which starts up in June. The premise of this show is just superb: a bunch of abducted Americans who are all dropped off back on Earth at the same spot, at the same time, without having aged a day or remembering a thing about their journey. And like it’s more popular younger brother over on NBC, “Heroes,” the main characters on this show have special abilities. They can move stuff, heal people, see the future, that sort of thing. This third season far surpasses the second since we now get to see all the plotlines and characters clash in the middle of the mythology that has been carefully constructed thus far. It is in this season that we see the beginnings of war between the 4400s and the rest of the population, as both sides see the financial and political advantages of the brave new world they’ve found themselves in. It only borders on moustache-twirling villainy every now and again, which is excusable since it kind of comes with the territory. If you watch the gag reel on the last disc (and I suggest you do), you’ll see that when the giggles come out, it’s all over, because this is some intense drama and there’s no place for chuckles. It’s a good one though. Catch up if you haven’t already.