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After all the Oscar® hooplah (or lack thereof), it was nice to sit and watch “Dreamgirls” in the comfort of my own home. There is no denying that this is a big, glossy, gorgeous epic film, and one that’s beautifully produced on every level. The story moves very fast, and the style is very slick, though not a new approach. As movie musicals have been coming into their own in the past few years (think, “Chicago”), they have all but created an actual mold for the format. With lighting that’s indicative of high theatrics and the obligatory montage sequences, it’s too bad we’ve come to know what we’re in for. As the new-found movie musical takes off (we’ll see if “Nine” follows suit), the format has been perfected, as evidenced here. But the good news is, as always, if it ain’t broke… All the ladies shine in this picture, but Jennifer Hudson, especially, who was clearly deserving of every one of those statues she took home. If you’re not familiar with the Broadway show, or its premise, the movie is still very easy to slip into. It’s a great film, it really is, but by this point, if you haven’t already seen it, there isn’t a single surprise left for you. If you watched the award shows, the talk shows, or TV in general in the past year, you know exactly what “Dreamgirls” is. The mystique is gone, and that’s really too bad, ‘cause it’s a great picture.