Columbia Pictures
Opens Friday, 4 May in cinemas nationwide

Spiderman, Spiderman, not doing all that Spiderman can.  The first of the must-see, much-anticipated films of the summer has arrived.  And it has just flopped.  With a franchise this big, you can be sure that the film will make it’s money back, especially with all the toys, teaser trailers we’ve been watching online for months, and the original cast returning.  The audience has already been poisoned.  The summer hooplah about any film can be intoxicating, but the hero of this one has just fallen.  As I waited for 45 minutes while the nice kids at Sony Pictures took our cell phones so we could not leak the information three days before it opened, I giggled like a little girl waiting for the film to start.  Of course the beginning is always fun – waiting and anticipating – but then something happened right around the middle that I can barely describe.  The reason I can’t describe it is because I am not sure quite what happened that lost me right after the big dance number.  Kidding, I am not.  So here is the low down.  Peter Parker, very much in love, wants to start a normal, married life.  It is a bit tricky since Spiderman (Tobey Maguire) is becoming very popular and well-liked by everyone, and MaryJane (Kirsten Dunst) goes a little Debbie Downer as her showbiz career just doesn’t take off.  Harry (James Franco) bumps his head, with no memory of the past and quickly consoles her and they share an awkward kiss.  Lost me yet?  Well, I will not tell much more of what happens but with an all-star cast including Maguire, Dunst, Franco, Thomas Haden Church, Topher Grace and Bryce Dallas Howard, you would expect a explosive experience.  Visually, this film as absolutely stunning.  Some of the most exciting and realistic graphics I have seen.  Now, to say that alone should get you to the theatre.  Maybe in IMAX, but for me Spidey hit a big bump in the road.  Hopefully the next one will get back on track.