kincd2.jpg“Rise and Fall”
Bowery Ballroom, NYC
JoyHog Inquisitor

I was in awe of Isaac and Thorry Koren of THE KIN as they took the stage by storm in their dynamic performance Saturday evening at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC. They are currently touring to promote their new CD “Rise and Fall.” The new music is creatively unique, having a taste of soul and an electric pulse all around the edges, not to mention clever and true-to-heart lyrics. The new album takes on an innovative edge as well as a new addition to the band, Shakerleg, an awe-inspiring drummer that creates jammin’ beats with no sticks!! Umm yes, I said no sticks… Amazing…

So much energy and passion exude from Koren Brothers…vocally blending with a mission to get their fans up movin’ and groovin’… I had the pleasure to meet the band before the show and they were as vivacious in person as they were on stage…(and totally down to earth I might add). The first thought in my head was…This is one of the bands to watch in 2007!!