This is what we have come to…online pubs to fuel the internet addiction…especially with a name like this one… The World’s First “Online Pub” that provides a hangout for 20 and 30-somethings worldwide…giving users all the unique nuances of a pub and much more, all from the comfort of a home computer or laptop… Do you really think the 20’s and 30 something’s are gonna be chatting on this site on a Friday night? I was curious so I checked it out…on a Monday mind you, and dang sure the bar was packed!! Featuring: Happy Hours, Lounges, Beers and More~ CherryTAP has attracted users from around the world including U.S. soldiers stationed in Iraq…one to mention… “Tex” Newbols, who was injured in Iraq and now serves as a volunteer Bouncer on the site.

“No matter what time of day or night, you can log on and instantly find something to do or someone to talk to,” says CherryTAP co-founder Mike Hedlund…as I laugh and say out loud or “some-one” to do. I feel a 20/20 episode coming on about “Internet Pubs…attracting molesters around the globe! “Unlike other sites, you don’t have to know anyone to have a good time on CherryTAP… You can hang out with your friends or meet new ones at any time. In fact, many are amazed at how welcoming and immediate the response is the minute you join.” says Hedlund. “We’ve even had several CherryTAP ‘marriages’.”…you have got to be kidding me… this is where I almost choked on my sip of Budweiser.

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