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Right when I got this DVD I ran home in anticipation of what I thought was going to be one of the best films of the year. I grabbed some take-out and watched “The Queen.” I found myself very entranced in the film and the characters that we love to gawk over. There always has been some american obsession with a world so removed from what we know as US citizens. The story focuses around the tragic accident on the night of Princess Diana’s fateful car crash and the public’s outrage of the Queen’s handling of this matter. It also really dives into a family going through the grieving process but handling it in their own way and losing the support of the public. Helen Mirren gives a lovely performance for which she won the Oscar this year. James Cromwell also gives a very stunning and stand-out performance as Prince Philip which was a pleasant surprise. This film is worth seeing as it will feed the obsession we have for the Royal Family and give insight into what was one of the most shocking historical events of our time: the death of the Princess of Wales and the reaction from her people.