Once I heard that Showtime has already renewed THE TUDORS for a second season, I knew I had have a peek for myself. There’s plenty of man-whoring and general badonkadonk to keep the kids interested. Usually the corset flicks can’t hold the attention of generation Britney, but this is a whole new scene. Revisionist history aside, the cast and their sexcapades could keep the show going for years on end. Aside from Jonathan Rhys Meyers (who is just fantastic), Sam Neill, Jeremy Northam, Gabrielle Anwar, and then there’s Callum Blue (the network may cancel DEAD LIKE ME, but they don’t make the actors suffer), and others. One of the great new discoveries about the show is 23-year-old Henry Cavill, who plays Charles Brandon. While his previous credits include fare like Hellraiser: Hellworld (I mean, really), he’s one of the bajillion cast members of STARDUST. The trailer was released a week ago, and I must say it looks very enticing. Could it be good enough to place in our DVD libraries alongside the likes of THE PRINCESS BRIDE, WILLOW, THE DARK CRYSTAL, LABYRINTH, THE NEVERENDING STORY, LEGEND, and all the rest? Only time will tell, people.