Premieres on 15 April

The concept for the show is kinda brilliant. “Drive” follows a group of Americans who are driving for their lives (or maybe the lives of their loved ones who are MIA). It’s an illegal underground cross-country road race that no one can talk about, but promises at $32 million dollar prize at the finish line. FOX sent out the couple episodes to members of the press so that we could have a peek at what will be the series debut Sunday night, before it slides over to it’s regular spot on Monday nights at 8pm ET/PT. Creator Tim Minear (“The Inside” / “Firefly” / “Wonderfalls”) has put together a high-concept show that is certainly enticing, but the follow-through is going to take more than one episode to grab its audience, so be sure to sit down for the whole premiere. In the pilot, we meet the characters. There’s Alex Tully (played by Nathan Fillion) who has come home to find his wife kidnapped (or was she?), scientist John Trimble (Dylan Baker) and his daughter, an ex-con (Kevin Alejandro as Winston Salazar) and the half-brother he has just met, a trio of Hurricane Katrina survivors, a new mother who is running from her husband (the lovely Melanie Lynskey from “Heavenly Creatures”), and a slew of others that may have to get kicked off week after week a la “Survivor.” The characters are a great part of this game, which at times feels lighthearted (there’s an orientation for the participants that involves a PowerPoint presentation) and at times very threatening (elimination rounds, cars being run off the road, etc.). Only time will tell if the mythology that Minear is serving up with be as addictive as shows like “Lost” or “24.” But thus far, “Drive” is a zippy and enticing new show.