DreamWorks Pictures
Opens Friday, 13 April 2007 in cinemas nationwide

It’s like “Can’t Hardly Wait” meets “Saw.” Well, okay, so it’s not quite that gory or quite that funny, but it comes close. Shia LaBeouf (“The Greatest Game Ever Played”) stars as a young kid on house arrest after popping his Spanish teacher in the chops just before summer break. After his mom (Carrie-Anne Moss) pulls the plug on the video games and the iTunes account, he’s gotta get his chuckles by spying on the residents of his own little Wisteria Lane. There’s the ogling of the hot girl next door (this is the teeny-bopper segment) and then there’s the creepy fellow next door (David Morse) who may or may not be killing single ladies and stowing their parts in the breadbox. Thus ensues the psychological thriller part of the picture, which will have you hiding behind your Diet Pepsi and Milk Duds. With a script by Christopher Landon (no stranger to teen fare after directing some “Making the Video” episodes) and Carl Ellsworth (“Red Eye”), this movie is the perfect start to the summer season. Some of the best writing is featured during the film’s prologue in which all the dramatic backstory is set up for us, sans the typical thriller crap that we’ve seen for years on end. LaBeouf (who may or may not be in the fourth Indiana Jones installment) dives head-first into the juicy genre of adolescent films and he’s a great young hero to follow, and “Disturbia” is a welcome surprise. It’s fun, it’s scary, it’s one to see with your friends this weekend.