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In 2006, Leonardo DiCaprio had to take on two very different dialects for his projects. There was the Bostonian of “The Dupahtad” and then the British South African of “Blood Diamond.” In the latter, you’ve got DiCaprio and Djimon Honsou alongside Jennifer Connelly in a epic three-act film about civil unrest in Sierra Leone and the vicious path that a diamond must navigate before landing in the glass case at Tiffany’s. Directed and produced by Edward Zwick (as producer: “Traffic,” “Shakespeare in Love,” TV’s “Once and Again”; as director: “The Last Samurai”), the film is big and beautiful. Not only does the script have a strong moral compass, but also the action movie that foils it has got plenty of bang as well to keep the A.D.D. set interested. Honsou loses his son to a local militia that enlists/enslaves an army of young boys while DiCaprio needs the hidden chunk of rock to save his own arse. Then there’s Connelly playing an American journalist who gets all ensconced in the drama of the other two. Playing a spunky reporter, she really is the standout of the film, and one of the great joys of it. The length of this story may incidentally spit out a false ending once or twice, but the end of the film is well worth the wait.