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I was slightly hesitant about seeing “Blades of Glory.” After the ceaseless advertising, MTV Specials and Jon Heder interviews, I must admit, I wasn’t expecting much that I hadn’t already seen before. The Will Ferrell sports comedy has become about as common as a Hugh Grant romantic comedy; you can expect one every year. And “Blades of Glory” is about as formulaic as it comes, but you know what, the formula works. If it aint broke, don’t fix it. I won’t bother going into the plot. If you have seen any of the commercial variations being broadcast over primetime television waves, you get it. You might be surprised though that the best jokes in the film can’t be seen in the commercials. In fact, the film has a lot of comedic gems that your probably wouldn’t see coming. Ferrell plays his typical “Frank the Tank”/Ricky Bobby character and Heder’s character is only slightly more intelligent than his famous “Napoleon Dynamite.” Amy Poehler and Will Arnett shine for the first time as a comedy duo and Jenna Fischer (NBC’s ‘The Office’) also plays a fantastic supporting role. You probably don’t need my opinion to sway you on whether you see “Blades of Glory.” Most of you made up your mind as soon as you saw the one-sheet.