bspidermanhasbro.jpgThe summer blockbuster season is upon us, and affixed to any commendable summer hit is an onslaught action figures, commercials, and collectors edition Doritos bags. Helping to kick off the tidal wave of advertising is Hasbro’s new “Spider-Man 3” figures that hit the streets March 24th. When the toys have their own release date it’s pretty easy to gage how big of an impact the film will have. The “Toys R’ Us” here in Time Square makes no small matter of such an event either. Giant cardboard cutouts and hanging spider-men frame the exhibition of screaming children and plastic dolls. Hasbro proudly presented probably their largest line of figures for any film of the trilogy. The true prize amongst the collection is the black, super- articulated Spider-man. Mainly because this spider-man is black, and that’s kinda cool. Other figures you may want to check out; Sandman, New Goblin, and Venom (which is for some reason an odd shade of purple). I must warn you though, if you are eagerly anticipating the films debut in May, you might want to stay away from the new line. Some of the collection I saw I could only assume are based off of actually sequences in the film, and can be a little bit of a spoiler.