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My first thought when I saw the trailer for Fox Atomic’s new release, “Turistas,” was, “Oh god, here come the ‘Hostel’ rip-offs.” And there certainly are undeniable similarities in plot and content. However, “Turistas” pulls off the neat trick of largely subsisting on the tried-and-true action thriller formula. This isn’t really a horror movie, though it was marketed as such. There are elements of the recent torture/horror genre, such as a hot young cast (see: Tad Hamilton, Jenny Reilly) in jeopardy, a grotesque surgery, a crazy doctor, but I found that these all took a backseat to a taught, jungle chase/stranger in a strange land-style story. Granted, the movie will make you roll your eyes more than a few times, but it’s more believable than “Hostel” and at least gives its antagonists some moral weight. It’s engaging while you’re watching and instantly forgettable afterwards, so I’d say add this one to your Netflix queue and save it for one of those Sundays when you don’t wake up until 3 o’clock in the afternoon.