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There is an enchanting feeling in the air here in New York City this week. It could be the increasing spring-like temperatures, the scent of flowers in bloom, or the fact that America’s favorite quartet of giant mutated turtles have been spotted roaming the streets. That’s right, the turtles are back and I think everyone is happy about it. Or at least I am. Helping to promote the new film, the fearsome four invaded Times Square and the Virgin Megastore. Unfortunately, the turtles visit wasn’t a spontaneous act, as I would have wished. It’s all just hype for their new film, “TMNT.” A continuation of the first three live action films, “TMNT” is the first of the series that honors the comic’s dark aesthetic with CG turtles. Now I’m happy that the Turtles are back but of course the franchise has been slightly revamped for younger generations. You may notice only a single pizza scene in “TMNT.” I will assume the producers did this to avoid nasty letters from the mothers against child obesity. Also, staple phrases like “cowabunga” are only mumbled under the breath of Michelangelo. This was a good call because even as a child I believe my cheeks turned a bit red as the turtles huddled in for a high five yelling this absurdity. “TMNT” is certainly targeted for a younger audience than myself, but If you grew up with Ninja Turtles running your day-to-day life, I’m pretty sure you can enjoy it.