Lionsgate Home Entertainment
In shops on 27 March, 2007

Those who wanted more finally get it (and I wanted it badly). The release of REQUIEM FOR A DREAM and PI’s compilation DVD has so many additions that it is worth the purchase. Released in 2000, “Requiem” was a highly controversial film due to its depictions of drug abuse and violence. Not saying that I condone these things, but it is at the top of my list of favorite films of all time. With the simplicity of the score by the Kronos Quartet, visual effects, and let’s not forget an amazing cast, “Requiem” will always have a love/hate relationship with its audience. Those who loved it will appreciate the one-on-one interview that Ellen Burstyn (Oscar-nominated) gives to writer, Hubert Selby Jr. If you ever had question of who the mastermind is behind this film, you get it. Darren Aronofsky also has put on this DVD the trailer that he cut himself and some music videos that accompanied the material. With interviews, original trailers, commentary, and some other surprises, this two disc DVD might not brighten your day, but it will certainly enlighten you. Dont forget to check out the deleted scenes!