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I got this set a while back and it was the beginning of all the hooplah that led to our little Robin Hood spread. This series is pretty dated, but the campy fun of it all is intact and, for the most part, very enjoyable. Clannad does the theme song if that tells you anything, and the witchy, magic business plays a big part in this version. There’s also some fun early 80’s hairstyling going on (Michael Praed has a pseudo Mullet happening, whereas the newest Robin goes for the short-crop). Then there’s Marion, who takes to the forest immediately, rather than working as a snitch from inside the castle walls. Among the pure delights that makes it hard not to watch the next episode on a rainy Sunday afternoon is the relationship between the Sheriff and Guy of Gisborne. Nottingham is pure Disney with a comb-over and the perfect ‘stache. Guy is just a big boob, and the two find very special moments where they magically end up in the bath together (what?) to rub one another’s back after the cheeky antics of Robin leave them sore and beaten (or stung by bees, as the case may be). In the final episodes there are beautiful and creepy images of Satan-worshippers with red caped wings on horseback that threaten to bring the devil to England. And, let’s face it, that’s fun to watch. That, and all the MacGyver moves Robin and his merry men must pull off in order to survive until the next episode. It’s not right, but it’s okay.