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Do you believe in magic? Growing up, I always enjoyed a good illusion. I remember when David Copperfield had a new special every year. We all oohed and ahhed as he walked through the Great Wall of China, made the Statue of Liberty disappear, escaped from Alcatraz…the guy even showed us that he can fly. In the film, “The Prestige,” writer/director Christopher Nolan (plus co-writer, Jonathan Nolan) is back with his Bat-buddies, Christian Bale and Michael Caine. Also together again are Hugh Jackman and Scarlett Johansson, post-Woody Allen. Piper Perabo and David Bowie are also featured. The premise of this film (based on a novel by Christopher Priest) follows two rival illusionists in London as they test one another’s resolve in the search for the most mesmerizing spectacle to ever be performed on stage. While the story and its revenge plot points are very enticing, the real reason to see the film is for the actual magic of it. With well-deserved Oscar® nods in the categories of cinematography and art direction, the world of the film has a rich palette to play with. We watch the two illusionists from various points in time, mostly narrating their diaries as they are being read by one another, yet the film has great movement, and can make you start sweating in the first twenty minutes. It’s all very delectable and the twists that come through in the latter half are well worth your evening.