BBC America
Saturdays at 9pm ET

BBC America is quickly becoming one of the hottest cable networks out there. With the stateside premiere of “Robin Hood,” it’s well on-track. The series is going into a second season in the U.K., proving that the old tale of looking for justice by way of Sherwood forest is alive and well (see our article). Jonas Armstrong (BBC’s “Teachers”) plays our lead in this new, edgier telling of the story. There are subtle jabs and parallels to a world at war throughout, but thankfully the audience is never hit over the head with a soapbox message. From the get-go, the score by Andy Price will reel you in, as you get to reunite with the new renderings of these famous characters. In the first five episodes that were sent out to the press, the set-up for a great series is firmly in place. The Sheriff of Nottingham is not a big ham (thank goodness) and Maid Marion proves herself to be a bit of a politico, with the agility to walk the line between her friends in the forest and those she must deal with inside the castle gates. I will say that the stunts and fights are quite enjoyable and only eek into the seriously!? category when Robin has to juggle a baby while fighting off the foes. Other than that, the show is a welcome addition to your TiVo.