weekendbernie.jpgEvery now and then a bit of news comes along that is so pungent with distaste you find yourself losing sleep over it. Tonight is one of those nights. Word has spread that the producer Ashok Amritraj, who most recently produced box office bomb “Shopgirl” will be adding another notch to the belt of the Weekend at Bernie’s series. Let me state for the record that I am a proud owner of the original “Weekend at Bernie’s.” But when word came out that they were doing a sequel I was among the many silent protesters shaking their fists. Of course when it was released I watched with sick pleasure, mumbling slurs under my breath and shaking my head.  I should also add that I now own Weekend at Bernie’s II due to a Papa Johns “free movie with any medium pizza” deal. The third film is set to take place at a ski lodge (instead of a beach house) where the rotting corpse of Bernie Lomax invites the boys up for a weekend of fun. Once discovering he is dead again, the two decide not to make waste of a good-looking corpse and parade it around town luring local hotties to the ski lounge promising them Bernie Lomax mustache rides. The movie ends with the two using Bernie as a bobsled to escape a couple of Israelis who want the death-defying Bernie dead once and for all.