With Dreamgirls all but dead to theaters, the general public is thirsty for more fictionally badchoice.jpgsaturated musician bio films. Thankfully, the entertainment industry will bless us with another. Rumors are floating around that a bio pic about suicidal indie-rocker, Elliott Smith are in the works. Even more satisfying is that Zach Braff is rumored to play him. Now I know what you might be thinking, but wait. Zach Braff knows a thing or two about indie-rock music! In fact he has even won a Grammy for compiling indie-rock songs for a mix CD entitled “Garden State: Music from the Motion Picture.” You could say he has an ear for the job. And with an acting resume including Scrubs, Chicken Little, and soon to be released The Ex I can certainly see why Braff would be the front runner to play the depressed, drug addicted musician. But on the off chance that Braff doesn’t get the roll, I offer these suggestions for possible candidates: Luke Wilson, Owen Wilson, Andy Samberg, Will Forte, & Dennis Haysbert.