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In the trailer for “Music & Lyrics,” we are treated to the adorable and charming antics of Hugh Grant (is it me, or is he more tan than ever?) and Drew Barrymore. We gather that these two begin as strangers and then make beautiful music together, both on the piano and under it. So how do you make that anything more than cute and predictable? One thing writer/director, Marc Lawrence (“Two Weeks Notice”) has done, is to put the obvious ending in the middle of the movie. Huh. From there, the film actually gets to step into some real-life territory and explores the awkward courtship of these two very different people who must work together and write a song for a pop princess. While the banter is a bit more muted than in, say, “Miss Congeniality,” it’s still got some punch, just not as much bite. Kristen Johnston makes up for any laughs that fall short because, well, she’s just that brilliant. Perhaps this movie will prove to be like some other Marc Lawrence films. You see it once and you think: “That was cute.” And then every time it’s on television from now until the end of time, you won’t be able to help yourself. You’ll just watch every moment again and again. We shall see…