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The solo “jam band” himself  Keller Williams does it again! Specializing in acoustic guitar and a jazzy folk influence, Keller never stops raising the bar and brings forth countless artistic mediums and sounds collectively in his latest album “Dream”.  Although not my favorite of Keller’s albums, “Dream” still definitely holds its own among jam band and folk alternative records. Hosting the talents of many legendary musicians such as Béla Fleck, Bob Weir, String Cheese Incident and Michael Franti – just to name a few …a dream team in itself if you ask me. I would give my right arm to perform with these guys. This is the CD you want to play at a party as each song holds a different feel and mixology so to speak (and no I’m not talking about bartending although the reference would work here as well) each song would compliment a different drink (see drink choices below)…no need to shuffle…just sit back…have fun and enjoy.

Ashby’s Track Pics: “Play This” (Drink: A shot of Wiskey), “Life” (Drink: Guiness) and Lil’ Sexy Blues (Drink: Tequilla Sunrise)