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I’ll start by saying that I think Louis C.K. is a genius stand-up comic. When I heard HBO was doing a sitcom in which C.K. plays a slightly more Bunker-esque version of himself, I was onboard. From the beginning, “Lucky Louie” seemed the type of show that could gain a cult following somewhere down the line. Attempting to turn sitcom conventions on their ear by largely following them (barring language restrictions), “Louie” was both a throwback and a forward-thinking project. A lot has to be made over the fact that creator and star, Louis C.K., chose to shoot the show on video using a two-camera set-up in much the same as a late 80’s or early 90’s sitcom. Think “Everybody Loves Raymond” with frontal male nudity and enough swearing to make the cast of “Deadwood” blush, and you’ll start to get the picture. But the thing that makes “Louie” compelling is the heart and truth behind every one of the stories. Louie (and Louis) is just a guy trying to make sense out of his life, his marriage, and his kids. The fact that he does so in such a forthright way makes for pretty touching moments. I’m not of the opinion that this was a great show and I can’t say that I’m sorry it only got one season, but for fans of Louis C.K. and the sitcom genre, this DVD set is definitely worth picking up.