Dan Aykroyd announced today (via a country music radio station) that plans for the third installment of the ghost busting series are alive and well. Only this time the boys in gray will be CG. Evan more surprising, Bill Murray will be involved! And who wouldn’t be excited about that? Murray has long wanted to be separated from the series, even denying rights to use his likeness in a NECA action figure (rumor). Aykroyd explains:

lsoh_seymour.jpg “We go to the hell side of Manhattan, downtown, Foley Square. It’s all where the cops are — they are all blue minotaurs. Central Park is this huge peat mine with green demons there, surrounded by black onyx thousand-foot high apartment buildings with classic red devils, very wealthy. We go and visit a Donald Trump-like character who is Mr. Sifler. Luke Sifler. Lu-cifer. So we meet the devil in it. Now, it won’t happen as a live-action, because Billy will not come on in the live-action stage anymore for it, but he will voice his part and we’re looking to do it as a CGI-animated project. It lives. It lives today. Last year it didn’t. This year it lives. With CGI animation and the way these cartoons are done, we can do everything I ever wrote in that script for much less money.”

Now I’m a huge fan of all things Ghostbusters, but the idea of a third film done completely CG is just too much to bear. It’s hard enough dealing with a new CG Ninja Turtles. Now Aykroyd has to stir up my generation again with this bomb? While you’re at it, make a fourth CG Back to the Future (Christopher Lloyd seems to be up for anything.) Or maybe a sequel to Goonies starring the cast of That 70’s Show. We are ready Hollywood.  Bring it on!